Trat Fruit Fair

Trat Fruit Fair

Trat Fruit Fair

Enjoy the rich, delicious and fresh fruits in the province of Trat during summer in the annual festivity, the Trat Fruit Fair.

Located in the eastern part of Thailand, Trat is a popular tourist destination along with other nearby provinces Chon Buri, Rayong, and Chantaburi because of its beautiful sand beaches facing the Gulf of Thailand. It is a home to a colorful history of Thailand, including a number of centuries-old temples like Wat Buppharam and Wat Yotha. Travel to Trat is only about four hours away from the capital city, Bangkok.


The long shoreline of Thailand’s eastern regions showcases magnificent beaches of paradise, stunning islands and bays filled with the green beauty of tropical bliss.  Coconut trees and variety of wild animals add soul to the scenery while the blue skies complement the crystal blue ocean.


Splendid nature is not the only beauty that dwells in the province of Trat. It is also superb food that attracts visitors in the place. From fruits to seafood, local to processed food, Trat has a selection of yummy delights to choose from. It is the region where you can find the best delicacies in Thailand, especially the most scrumptious tropical fruits.


Durian, salacca, rambutan and marian plum—these are just a few of the fresh fruits you can find in the province during May to June, where farms produce crisp and lip-smacking crops. Farm owners even open their houses to engage with the tourists. They invite them to tour the farms, taste their fruits and buy it at low prices.


Trat is also best known as Thailand’s biggest producer of the sweet salacca or Salak, a palm fruit similar to a rambutan except that its hair is shorter and sharper. Because of the rich mineral soil and good weather, salacca is abundant in the province. To celebrate this, the local government of Trat holds an annual 2-day Trat Fruit Festival in front of the City Hall. Colorful parades and displays embellished with fruits march throughout the city with floats and other wonderful decorations.


A range of contests are held, too. From beautiful dogs and fruits and vegetables contests, games and all kinds of crop shows are all over the city. Some notable events are merit making, trade fairs and sweet Salak breeding to showcase Trat’s flourishing fruit industry.


The Trat Fruit Fair is usually held every May 13 to 15. It is best to visit the province at this time of the year to see and taste Thailand’s fantastic nature.


published: 06.01.2011