Invito Al Cibo Italian & Thai Restaurant: Functional Mix Of Thai and Italian Dining

Invito Al Cibo Italian & Thai Restaurant

Invito Al Cibo Italian & Thai Restaurant

As far as eating out, at the Invito Al Cibo Italian and Thai Restaurant goes, the more knowledge you have about the restaurant, before you make your way there, the better, as this can make for the difference between a rather average experience and a great one.


The first thing you need to know is that although it doesn’t operate strictly, on the reservations structure, you are far better off making a reservation, simply because you might find yourself having to wait a while longer for your meals, while other guests, who come in after you, get their orders served to them ahead of you. This is simply because of a general trend, which has been picked up by many visitors, of guests who made reservations getting preference.


The next thing you need to know, about the Invito Al Cibo, is what kind of food to order during your visit there. Generally, the average dishes are nothing all that special to speak of, and you’ll want to avoid ordering something which you could otherwise prepare yourself, in your own kitchen, like mashed potatoes and the like, as you might find that that something special is missing – that “restaurant taste”. Something more exotic, to the tune of a lobster dish, might make for a far better choice, and with dishes like that, that special “restaurant taste“ is extremely prominent and you won’t be able to even begin to imagine how other people might have been disappointed in the food served.


And finally, you need to know when the best time to go and have your meal is, and that is just before the sun sets, so that you can enjoy a great meal, while taking in the scenic views of the sunset, from a very unique vantage point, adding volumes to the overall dining experience.

published: 27.06.2012