La Dolce Vita Restaurant, Delve In A Local Spin On Italian Cuisine

La Dolce Vita Restaurant

La Dolce Vita Restaurant

As one of many Koh Chang restaurants, which specialize in Italian cuisine, by the time you hit La Dolce Vita, because of its location, you will have developed into somewhat of an expert on Italian cuisine, which is a handy skill to have in that it’ll put you in good stead to be able to distinguish between average attempts at serving Italian food, and supremely authentic attempts.


In somewhat of a curios sense, most of the restaurants that serve Italian cuisine, in and around Koh Chang, aren’t quite known for the pizza they serve, which is bit of a mind boggler, since pizza is one of the most famous Italian dishes worldwide.


It is totally different at La Dolce Vita however, as the other Italian restaurants don’t do nearly enough in their pizza presentation, to entice a lot of guests to order pizza, but a single look at the presentation of the pizza dishes at La Dolce Vita, is enough to make anyone fall in love with pizza all over again, and not want to eat anything else.


You get the true sense that pizza is their prime specialty, and you may have to battle the urge to order more than you can stomach, in one dinner session, and make away with a doggy back of some of the finest pizza the area has to offer.


Considering how long it conventionally takes to make pizza, particularly the crust baking bit, it is rather surprising just how quickly the service is at La Dolce Vita, and the freshness of the crust and other topping ingredients, does nothing to suggest that the food is pre-prepared and left to brew for guests to order, which is rather astonishingly great.


You may find yourself forgetting about the general stigma of the unhealthiness of pizza, in general, as there is a very wide variety from which to choose – even vegetarians will walk away with happy tummies.



published: 27.06.2012