Paul’s Restaurant, Dining With A Difference: A Refreshing Experience

Paul’s Restaurant

Paul’s Restaurant

If you are more of a Western persuasion, then the Asian persuasion of the constant consumption of Thai food may reach a point where it really gets up your nose, especially if you are staying in Thailand for an extended period of time.


Most likely though, if you have stayed there for a while, you will have become well acquainted with all the various types of hang out spots, the different foods they offer and generally the different kinds of scenes and settings you can choose from, but if you are really up for a real taste of the Western cuisine, then Paul’s Restaurant is the place to be.


Paul, who is a rather pleasant gentleman of German origin, is the owner who can tell you a thing or two about beer and some of the local nuances this beautiful area of Koh Chang has to offer and he has a great sense of humor as well, to go with the great offerings his fine establishment has to offer.


Nothing by way of over the top, spectacular dining is to be expected of Paul’s Restaurant, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you will have a unique experience in dining, weather you are there to have a nice, energy filled breakfast, or you’re winding down the day with a medium to heavy dinner, the rooftop location that is a favorite of the summer months will give you an experience you’ll never forget.


Many Germans who find themselves this side of the island of Koh Chang, will feel a certain air of familiarity with their visit to Paul’s joint, as it really seems as if he went out of his way to hold on to his roots and bring a nice bit of his native land with him.


Good portions are the order of the day, reeking very much of that age old German efficiency, instead of flamboyance and extravagance.

published: 02.07.2012