Café Amsterdam: Amsterdam Dining In Koh Chang

Café Amsterdam Koh Chang

Café Amsterdam Koh Chang

Locals of the city of Amsterdam will tell you a story of how they just notice this place immediately, as it resembles the typical Café Amsterdam, even if it is all the way in Thailand, on the Koh Chang Isalnd.


In typical Dutch style, the Café Amsterdam in Koh Chang maximizes the use of space, with its tiny location not deterrent in any way and the focus on a menu which is not too sizeable, but one which is very cultured, authentic and specialized.


The location is not too bad either, as the small café is located right on the periphery of White Sand Beach, accounting for the good all round atmosphere, in and around the venue itself.


This is the favorite location of the bachelors who are on holiday in Thailand, as the place is very easily accessible, being right on the outskirts of White Sand Beach, it attracts a lot of the fairer sex and generally offers a laid back, party type of atmosphere that is conducive to mingling.


During the day time it can get a bit noisy, with all the traffic going by at regular intervals, but it surprisingly gets a bit more quiet and relaxed at night, coupled with the gathering of a bit of a bigger crowd of people who just come here to enjoy themselves and see where the night takes them.


The friendliness of the staff seems to rub off on the guests, who don’t mind being chatted up at all and the pool table towards the rear end of the venue serves as the main focal point.


As far as the food goes, anything you can expect to find in a traditional, native Café Amsterdam, you can certainly find in Koh Chang’s Café Amsterdam and you can enjoy some comfortable upholstered seating and have some snacks if you’re not into a full dining experience for the night.

published: 15.07.2012