Ciao koh chang Italian-Thai restaurant, Traditional Italian Dining All The Way in Koh Chang

Ciao koh chang Italian-Thai restaurant

Ciao koh chang Italian-Thai restaurant

With no shortage of European restaurants on Koh Chang, particularly those with an Italian influence, when it’s a traditional pasta or pizza Italian dish you are craving, you will be considerably spoilt for choice on this island, as there is literally a plethora of Italian joints to choose from.


The culinary itinerary isn’t what you’d call huge, but the menu is sizeable enough, with more than enough variations of Italian dishes to choose from, as well as a selection of wines to satisfy even the most diverse of tastes.


You can definitely be sure of the quality of the wines and make your selection according to your own, unique taste, as you won’t be confined only to the local wines – a lot of imported wines are available.


It is quite safe to say that some of the best traditional Italian dishes reside within the confines of Ciao koh chang Italian-Thai restaurant, particularly the pizza dishes and the pastas, and the environment induced by the design will have you feeling left out if you’re not dressed to the nines, and a certain portion of that old school Italian dining feeling will most certainly pass you by.


The venue looks good during the day time, but it’s during the night when its personality really shines through. That smoky café with interesting lighting you see in the Italian movies, where the mob go and meet, adds to the allure of the place and gives it its unrivalled air of exclusivity.


This certainly doesn’t take anything away from the class of the place however, although those with more of a vivid imagination will not be able to help but look over their shoulder, once in a while, in half expectation of some sort of mob justice to erupt.


For those who are just looking for a great place to enjoy some of the more commercialized Italian dishes, this is the perfect place to be as well.

published: 15.07.2012