Food by Jensen, Easy to Locate

Food by Jensen

Food by Jensen

This restaurant displays the ultimate dilemma for the owners, which spills over into the actual dining experience of the guests itself, with somewhat of a prime location for business, but not quite a prime location for a true Koh Chang Island dining experience.


Food by Jensen has a lot more of a commercial feel to it, located right on the main road and this can make for quite some noisy times, especially during peak business hours with all the goods trucks and cars rushing by at various speeds.


Its location makes it appear to be more like one of those restaurants you’d find on the European continent, which makes a lot of sense since it is a Danish restaurant.


The location only eats into the dining experience however, but if you’re totally comfortable with eating out at a place that doesn’t really feel like it is completely part of the Koh Chang Island, then Food by Jensen is definitely the place to be.


The prime location for business makes it very easy to pick out, and the menu splashed across the billboard, for everyone to see accounts for a high conversion rate, making this quite a popular place.


This popularity bodes very well for the diner however, since the owners go out of their way to maintain the sheer numbers that culminate from the popularity and they seem to be doing a great job too.


You will not be disappointed by the food, with a very functional menu that will have varying appetites suitably catered for in all respects.


The expectation built up by the billboard menu is considerably lived up to, with a wide selection of dishes available, ranging from steak based main courses to starters of salmon prepared in various ways, amongst a wide selection of a lot of others and you will enjoy any three course meal at a great price too.

published: 15.07.2012