Gecko’s Place, Ample German Portions Coming Together With Exotic Thai Tastes

Gecko’s Place

Gecko’s Place

Another one of those Euro-Thai mixture restaurants, serving German and local Thai cuisines, Gecko’s place is run by a friendly German owner who is always ready to give the avid tourist a tip or two about the island of Koh Chang.


As is common knowledge by now – the Germans are known for their ample portions in whatever form their presented food comes, and the price is rather fair, a little light on the pocket actually, weather you want to dip your taste buds into a rich experience of some of the exotic, local Thai cuisines, or you want to go fully German with the likes of schnitzels, you are sure to walk away with a promise of wanting to come back in the very near future.


The hamburgers are something to send a postcard home about though, offering some of the best tasting burgers any place in the world has to offer, with a buffet style presentation that allows for some serious culinary reinforcement customization.


The hamburger is a very simple type of food and one would otherwise think it was rather limited in its variations, but Gecko’s place takes things to the next level and speaks volumes for the origin of the world’s most functional, easy and popular dish, the hamburger.


Gecko’s place has a really nice integrated bar as well, where you can work up an appetite with a round or two of pool, getting to know some of the locals and tourists who find themselves in the same place, or you can simply go there to enjoy a nice drink or two and have a conversation with the friendly owner.


You’re sure to learn a lot about tourism and the island in general, as Joe, the owner, is not even in the least bit economical with the amount of information he has for you.


Put that together with food that has its core focus on taste and you have a winning combination that you might like to make your main area of dining on the island.

published: 15.07.2012