India Hut Restaurant, Indian Cuisine At Its Best

India Hut Restaurant

India Hut Restaurant

One of the very few Koh Chang restaurants that exclusively offer Indian cuisine, if not the only one of the lot, India Hut will give anyone enough reason to keep coming back for more of the same genuine Indian dining, with fresh foods that offer taste sensations to rival some of the best the island has to offer.


For those not all too familiar with exactly what Indian cuisine embodies, you can expect some sharp tastes in all the food you order, including the likes of lamb dishes, served with spinach, chicken amongst others, served the traditional Indian way, with a very wide selection of spices to bring out the taste of the base dish and generous portions.


As far as the setting of the venue goes, the issue of an often empty looking restaurant raises some concern amongst a lot of passers-by, but the trip inside is well worth your curiosity as you will be considerably rewarded. Your taste buds will be echoing the sentiments of your stomach, in thanking you for taking the chance to explore some sparsely chartered waters and you can be sure of a great service, with very well prepared food that you might have to wait a while for.


The major defining factor, apart from the extent to which the food is so well prepared, is the fact that very generous portions are served at a price that might have suggested a lack of quality in other facets of the food, like freshness, of which no disappointment will be realized.


Wholesome, tasty, delicious, fresh and generously sized food is what you can come to expect from the India Hut, making it one of the prime dining spots for those who take the time to actually explore it, not to mention the great pricing to suit all budgets.

published: 15.07.2012