Lagoon Restaurant, Sunset Dining At Its Best

Lagoon Restaurant

Lagoon Restaurant

With a lot of similar restaurants littered across the beach front, Lagoon Restaurant is but another one of these, as it has similar pricing, the same sort of sunset dinner setting and similar culinary offerings as the other places, but Lagoon Restaurant has some sort of uncanny affinity about it, drawing the passers-by towards it, among the other similar joints.


Once inside, one really starts to uncover just why this uncanny affinity exists, with one of the most appreciative features being the fact that the cuisine is broader Asian, instead of just narrowly focused on Thai cuisine.


The restaurant venue is set fantastically on the White Sand Beach seafront, offering great dining on the semi covered setting, to allow for that notoriously appreciated ocean breeze to make itself part of proceedings.


Like all other dining locations on this part of the beach, the very best time to have your food is during sundown, so as to catch the splendid, healing powers of the golden brown sunset, which sometimes takes a turn in color and illuminates the entire beach front area with a deep red color.


The Asian cuisine is more focused on the seafood side of things and they really offer a great selection of this type of food, presented through a very extensive menu that reeks of a lot of quality.


Of all the other similar restaurants along this beach front, Lagoon Restaurant would probably stand out because of its little extras, like some salads which you can’t really find anywhere else and the mere fact that it is one of the more popular locations, drawing some interesting crowds.


This is the stuff dreams are made of and it would make for one of the best locations to have a romantic sunset dinner with the significant other. A barbecue sizzling while you catch up over the serenity of the setting sun will do very well to replace any therapy session with your psychologist.

published: 15.07.2012