Meals & More German Restaurant, Big German Portions of Great Food

Wiener-Schnitzel mit Pommes

Wiener-Schnitzel mit Pommes

As the name suitably suggests, Meals & More is another one of the selection of German restaurants which have made the Koh Chang Island of Thailand their permanent base, doing absolutely nothing in the way of breaking the stereotype of German restaurants in general.


That is meant in the best way possible however, with a perfect example of this epitome demonstrated by the insanely large schnitzels on offer.


Not only is the food generally of gigantic proportions, it is very affordable too. In fact, dining exclusively at Meals & More German Restaurant, during your prolonged stay in Koh Chang, will inevitably make for some great economic sense, as a lot of money will be freed up for deployment in the other various pleasantries of the island. You will fill up on a budget very easily at Meals & More, which is a modern day wonder when the food portions and the price here are compared with those of other restaurants.


A lot of the other restaurants have to balance out the act, with one area of the dining offering suffering in aid of another, but that seems to be a foreign concept at Meals & More, with not a single end-user element of the experience showing any signs of suffering.


Even for a traditional German restaurant, in its most stereotypical form, Meals & More seems to take proceedings a notch up, with some gigantic portions of food that are borderline ridiculous, but you won’t hear any guests complaining, which gives the place its culinary edge.


The menu is quite extensive (one would never have guessed that traditional German foods have quite a wide span), presenting the dishes with their German names (with a nice English explanation of course), but you might find yourself having to deviate from the staunch German traditions though, in going as far as asking for some bread or toast with some of the dishes, as the German way focuses more on the actual ingredients instead of the carbohydrate staple balance.

published: 15.07.2012