Nong Bua Seafood, Speedy, Quality Service

Nong Bua Seafood

Nong Bua Seafood

The Nong Bua Seafood Restaurant is one of those Koh Chang restaurants that epitomizes the concept of speedy service, with a strong contingent of well rehearsed staff that account some of the quickest service rates the island has to offer.


While the culinary and dining experiences vary in their reviews, the general conclusion, which can be drawn out of the varying degrees of satisfaction, is that timing is the key factor to your enjoyment of your dining experience at Nong Bua.


Those who are seeking a complete dining experience should be prepared to settle for a bit less, but less in terms of the atmosphere and surroundings only, as the food, which is the key area of focus, more than makes up for any other shortcomings the place may or may not have.


The best time to go to the Nong Bua Seafood Restaurant is during the off-peak times. These times vary according to season, so a bit of trial and error might be in order. Off-peak times are simply the best because of the military style efficiency of the staff. When the place is packed, there is more proneness for food prepared in a manner which could leave a little to be desired, with focus more on speed than anything else, in a bid to keep everybody happy.


If you insist on dining during the peak hours, then you best go with food types that aren’t all that labor intensive to prepare and are not at the upper end of the specialty spectrum. A nice barbequed crab or fish dish would be ideal for such situations, but nothing all too exotic to speak of.


If practicality is your main motivation for your next Koh Chang dining experience, then Nong Bua Seafood will do very well to fit the bill – modest pricing too.

published: 15.07.2012