Pink Restaurant, For Hungry Stomachs On The Move

Pink Restaurant

Pink Restaurant

As is somewhat of a trend in White Sand Beach, Pink Restaurant is somewhat of a curiously named restaurant that deals strictly in Thai cuisine, albeit Thai cuisine with a modern twist as some fast foods are also readily available here.


Nobody should make any bones about it, the Pink Restaurant isn’t one of those fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy a completely exotic dining experience – it resembles more of a main road convenience food outlet for the avid traveler on the run.


The design also lends nothing to the suggestion that the Pink Restaurant was set up for a complete dining experience, looking something like a unit that can easily be packed up and towed away by a truck.


Convenience, convenience and more convenience is the name of the game, at the Pink Restaurant, so you best just grab a bite to go, unless you really need to have a sit in and don’t mind the distinct lack of the atmosphere displayed by a comparison of the Pink Restaurant with some of the other restaurants.


The restaurant is really not difficult to locate, with a neon-lit sign that looks like it came straight out of a Las Vegas joint.


Sitting in isn’t all that bad either, with the staff really going out of their way to make the service as welcoming and friendly as possible, but again, nobody should really come to a place like this and expect to come away with a lifetime of dining memories to fill a holiday dining journal.


The road side location of the restaurant accounts for its business, with a lot of motorists stopping in to have a bite, but most of them don’t sit in and prefer ordering to go.


There are definitely better restaurants in the White Sand Beach area of Thailand’s Koh Chang Island, but if it’s on-the-go convenience at a great price you are looking for, then the Pink Restaurant is your place.

published: 15.07.2012