Rock Sand Restaurant, A Marriage Between American & Thai Cuisine

Rock Sand Restaurant

Rock Sand Restaurant

In one of the most unlikely marriages of the culinary world, American cuisine comes together with Thai cuisine to make for quite an interesting restaurant, on the quieter side of the Koh Chang Island.


It may be somewhat of a paradox to refer to any culinary theme as American-Thai, but of all the little surprises Koh Chang has to offer, this is definitely one of the most mind-boggling.


American and Thai shouldn’t work, on so many different levels, yet that’s exactly what it does at the Rock Sand Restaurant – it simply works.


It’s not a simple matter of a choice between the two different culinary styles – big American portions versus intensively flavorsome Thai helpings; no, it’s more like flavorsome Thai helpings that come in American sized portions, with creative dishes that are probably not found anywhere else on earth.


The venue isn’t all that easy to locate though, but the journey there is well worth the time and effort, with a lot of assistance offered by the staff however, and the most striking feature of the Rock Sand Restaurant is the how they managed to elevate American dining to an experience, instead of just eating food and going home.


It’s almost as if American food just needed some Thai flavor to it as it feels a bit strange to associate American style dining with a great dining environment and a culinary experience to be savored, with the beachfront location and the intrusion of the sunset’s beauty, if your dining hours are timed right.


Local legend has it on good authority that the Rock Sand Restaurant has had a recent upgrade, making sure to keep all the core elements which previously made it such a great place to dine, such as the friendly staff and good food.


Probably one of the most unique dining experiences on the island, which one would naturally find very hard to locate anywhere else in the world too.

published: 15.07.2012