Rock Sand Terrace Restaurant, Refresh Your Thai Dining Experience

Rock Sand Terrace Restaurant

Rock Sand Terrace Restaurant

Now if you find yourself in the White Sand Beach area, of the Koh Chang Island of Thailand, and you want to touch base again with the exotic culture of the place, Rock Sand Terrace is just the place to do so as your dining experience will have you feeling like royalty.


It is about far more than just the food at the Rock Sand Terrace and more about the culinary dining experience, as a whole, with the underlying feeling of an occasion very much a big part of the occasion.


The food, which ranges in cuisines that span the entire globe, is presented in a setting fit for royalty with that feeling of visiting neighbors or family members that bring out their best cutlery and crockery for you, making for the ultimate in dining experiences that are offered on this part of the island.


The in house staff isn’t all that fast in their service, but one gets the sense that this is deliberate, as a lot of preparation seems to go into the cooking of the food, the presentation as well as the service.


A typical dining scene may compel you to want to whip out your camera and take a photograph of the setting, such is the movie-like setup, looking like it comes straight out of an Italian Mafia movie with a full contingent of servants to fulfil your every need.


Even a simple dish comprising out of a hamburger and fries is made to look like something really special, with all the extra salad and culinary reinforcements and, if you are a person who loves their condiments and spices, be sure to make yourself heard as the ground staff are prone to making a few misjudgements, caused by the fading language barrier.


For a serious culinary experience that will leave you more than satisfied, Rock Sand Terrace should be high up on your priority list.

published: 16.07.2012