The Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant, Specialist Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine

The Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant

The Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant

Restaurants in general, even those which claim to offer specialized diets like vegan and vegetarian, usually don’t rank that high on the expectation scale of actual vegans and vegetarians, with a lot left to be desired in most cases.


It is very rare to find a specialized diet restaurant that actually offers extensive culinary satisfaction, as specialist dishes, like vegetarian and vegan, are yet to be fully developed, in any restaurant.


Real vegetarians and vegans will be pleasantly surprised to find that there is indeed a specialist restaurant, offering an extensive range of dishes, especially since the Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant is situated on an island.


It may be located on an island, but the Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant is in a league of its own, far outstripping some of the other specialist diet restaurants that would otherwise be perceived to have an advantage, located on the mainland and all.


One of the major contributing factors to Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant’s eligibility, in their specialist vegan and vegetarian diets, is probably the fact that the restaurant itself is an extension of the wellness center – the Spa Resort.


The general health-oriented setup of the entire organization, spills over into all the individual aspects that make up the entire structure, leaving evidence of the DNA of a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing and you can’t go wrong with a specialist restaurant when the parent body exists for the sole purpose of serving the health and wellness industry.


The extensiveness of the menu has an underlying air of pure quality embedded in it, and even the staunchest of meat lovers will probably enjoy the delicious veggie burgers, amongst other vegetarian dishes, on offer.


If you associate vegetarian eating with grass and bland tasting salads, which are not in the least bit filling, then the Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant will go a long way in teaching you a thing or two, and maybe even accounting for a change in mindset.


Don’t expect to find this kind of quality and extensiveness anywhere else though, as it is quite clearly one of a kind.

published: 16.07.2012