Saffron on the Sea, Seaside Fine Dining At Its Best

Saffron on the Sea

Saffron on the Sea

Now, if you are looking for a serious fine dining experience, and you want to savor some Thai food at its very best, then you should waste no time in checking out the Saffron On The Sea Restaurant.


Billed as one of the restaurants with some of the very best food Thailand has to offer, Saffron On The Sea radiates a rather inviting aura, which can be felt all the way from the main road. Given the fact that the location is not very far from the main road, once you have afforded yourself the pleasure of dining at Saffron On The Sea, the inviting scent of some of the finest cuisine will almost always have you taking a detour, to stop over for a taste-bud rendezvous you’ll never forget, for as long as you live.


With all the competition going around Koh Chang, only the finest quality spots stand out from the rest, and this is great for the general quality of the service you can expect, with Saffron On The Sea, right up there with the very best of them, if not the very best, period.


The setting is somewhat of a uniquely cosmopolitan one, in that you can never really place a distinct label on the ambience – for the romantics at heart, the setting is indeed very romantic and for the laid-back, conservatives who love to have a nice, quiet dinner, there is a certain air of serenity that cannot help but infiltrate your veins.


In addition to the rather inviting setup, you can expect to be treated by some really friendly staff members, who seem only happy to be at your service, but the most outstanding feature cannot be emphasized or reiterated enough – that being the glorious food. You may find yourself having to wait a bit for it to be ready for you, but it is well worth the wait.

published: 25.06.2012