The Souk Restaurant: Enjoy The Quieter Side of Koh Chang Dining

The Souk Restaurant

The Souk Restaurant

While the main attraction of the island of Koh Chang has its roots deeply planted in the night life and partying scene, it’s always nice to know that there is quieter side to the place and the mere fact this side of the island doesn’t dominate the tour guides makes it all the more inviting, reclusive to a certain extent but very exclusive as well.


Like attracts like here and you can almost feel how uncomfortable the staff gets on the rare occasions that the masses make their way to The Souk, otherwise if you are a regular of this place, you will very quickly make friends with like minded people who come here to get away from it all.


The restaurant itself is part of a resort, so naturally the food will be something to speak of, but it’s not a bad idea either to only go to the restaurant, even if you aren’t booked into the resort.


Family run organizations, such as The Souk, always offer that special touch with their experiences, and The Souk is no different in that regard, with a lot of little special elements that add to the experience, like the fact that you can expect to invite some refreshingly innocent conversation from the owners’ little girl.


The Souk is the ultimate epitome of conservative type relaxation and the serenity of the eastern side of the island makes this the prime location for relaxed dining and an overall experience which is toned down, complemented by some scenic views of the ocean, from the vantage point of the beachfront location of the restaurant.


As far as the actual food goes, it is a bit of a surprise to find that a reclusive venue such as this prides itself in one of the most extensive menus, anywhere on the island, and that includes the western side as well.


A great place to come and relax, get away from all the pandemonium, reset your batteries and regroup all your bearings.

published: 16.07.2012