The Beach Club:Meat Fondues (fondue Bourguignonne, Chinoise), Risotto many styles, Pasta many styles, Swiss Cheese Fondue

The Beach Club

The Beach Club

The mere fact that Italian cuisine is one of the specialties of the Beach Club, should already be lending an air of fine dining to your curiosity, and fine dining is indeed what you can expect out of your visit to the Beach Club.


If the likes of Fondue are up your dining alley, then you are a person who clearly knows what fine dining is, and you will be right at home at the Beach Club, with other offered cuisines covering the likes of Thai and Swiss, in addition to classic Italian.


The Beach Club is one of the Koh Chang restaurants that exude sheer class, accompanied by a distinct air of exclusivity, so you shouldn’t be surprised to find it fully occupied if you spontaneously decide to show up at the entrance, and expect to get some vacant seating.


You are far better off making reservations, as far in advance as possible, in order to avoid the disappointment of not getting to spend one or more of your nights in Thailand, at the somewhat prestigious Beach Club. In this particular case, once you actually sit down to enjoy some fine dining of the highest quality, you will undoubtedly come to understand why it is you had to take the liberty to make a reservation. The exclusivity of the catering that you will be graced with, can never be emulated in a spur-of-the-moment fashion, and it has to be suitably pre-arranged, well in advance, making for some of the best dining you might ever experience in your entire life.


A modern day paradise is probably the best way in which to describe the Beach Club, and if your dining experience could be made even better, the scenic sunset that complements early dinners, or late lunches, fills any void that might be making it anything short of paradise.


published: 25.06.2012