Moons Restaurant, Enjoy Some Fine Holiday Food At The Moons Thai Restaurant

Moons Restaurant

Moons Restaurant

You know you’ve come to the right place when some of the food has a bit of a homemade taste to it, yet you know you couldn’t replicate that taste if your life depended on it.


That is the case with more of the “fast foods” you can enjoy at Moons Restaurant, which predominantly offers local Thai cuisine.


What makes their “homemade” fast foods so good, like their burgers and fries, are the sheer portions – you might have some trouble getting up immediately after cleaning up your plate, if you are the type to vacuum the entire contents of what is put in front of you, but satisfaction is definitely a guarantee.


Those in the know will point out the fact that a new owner has since taken over Moons Restaurant, and the current location is in fact a recent settlement, but for those who are not in the know, it may seem like an urban legend because the structure and the way in which it operates does a lot to convince anyone of the suggestion that it has been around for a very long time, in the current location.


English speaking staff make for great communication, particularly with respects to some of the specials they may have going on, and the sheer quality and authenticity of the culinary offerings will have the discerning diner fighting off the urge to over-indulge, and the best approach is to come here with a completely empty stomach, so as to soak in as much of the various flavors as you can.


Both offered cuisines are fantastic, weather you’re up for the local Thai dishes, or you’re in the mood for some serious holiday food, like BBQ ribs and fries. It’s best not to give into the temptation of ordering the same dish with each visit, in an attempt to recreate the delicacy you previously experienced, as this will deprive you of tasting some of the other dishes on offer.

published: 02.07.2012