Steak House Restaurant, Best Steak Dishes in Koh Chang

Steak House Restaurant

Steak House Restaurant

An initial glance at the prices of the various steak dominated dishes may have you cringing with a bit of uncertainty, especially if you are a well traveled steak lover who has a general idea of what restaurants charge for their various steak dishes.


Once you have taken a seat and experienced the inviting smells emanating from the kitchen however, you may be spurred on to stay and at least make the most of what you will be spending.


It only gets better from then on and the term “value for money” rings true in a way that you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find anywhere else, even if you’re a serious bargain hunter. You get real value for money here, and the upper range prices you might have been looking down at with scorn, suddenly make a whole lot of sense and even go as far as appearing rather generous, given the man-sized portions as well as the culinary sensations that come with some of the best steak dishes this world has to offer.


If you really know your steak dishes, you will not be able to help but be impressed with just how well sourced all their steaks seem to be. The various selections of beef will have you feeling like a serious carnivore and, if you feel the need, some great side dishes are also available, topped off with a selection of great wines, which anyone could confidently proclaim to be priced just right, according to the wine pricing conventions.


With regards to the service, expect some great attention with someone checking up on you at regular intervals, but one can’t help but get the feeling that they love to hear the positive feedback on their great steak dishes, and if you are truly honest with yourself, you will have nothing but great feedback to give.

published: 02.07.2012