Smiling Buddha Restaurant, Thai Restaurant With A Lot Of Extras

Smiling Buddha Restaurant

Smiling Buddha Restaurant

For a local Thai restaurant to be named after a pleased deity, you know you’ll be getting a serious chunk of some local, exotic culinary aura to take back home with you and a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your mind.


You know you’re facing the Smiling Buddha when you’re greeted with a large overhead billboard, advertising some of the dishes you can expect in full colored, big photographs to convince you that you have now arrived at the right place.


The Smiling Buddha is set in an older part of the island, giving it its quaint look and feel that looks like it comes straight out of a 70s Asian action flick.


The narrow entrance is rather inviting to say the least, but the size is in no way cramped at all – rather a bit cosy looking with an air of exclusivity, leaving the onlooker with no choice but to simply go in and check out what they have on offer.


The Smiling Buddha is predominantly listed as a restaurant offering Thai cuisine, in the tourist guides, but suitors will be pleasantly surprised to find that some western cuisine is also suitably catered for, with a distinctive German influence to the predominantly Thai menu, that is rather extensive in the variety of dishes offered.


Apart from the size, which actually serves to add to the allure of the place, Smiling Buddha more than holds its own when pitted against some of the larger dining spots, anywhere on the island, and pips the big guns in some cases with the food.


It’s a rather nice walk towards the restaurant and once you have your first taste of the food offered, you will inevitably find yourself holding thumbs that the place isn’t fully occupied.


That rarely ever happens though, as a lot of people prefer the wilder side of the island, but with more and more people taking the time to actually have a taste for the place, fuller crowds might have become a future “problem”.

published: 16.07.2012