Tonsai Restaurant, Higher End Dining In Koh Chang

Tonsai Restaurant

Tonsai Restaurant

Another one of the local Thai restaurants, the Tonsai Restaurant tends to cater more for the international marker rather than the locals, with the somewhat upper end pricing of their dishes.


It’s not a bad place, to take the whole family to, especially if your gang is not all that picky as the menu isn’t exactly what you’d call a colossal one, in terms of choice.


The options available to you are of great quality though but it does depend on which dishes you choose to go for as some of them aren’t as well prepared as others, but all of that depends on your own individual culinary preferences.


There is a certain theme to any dining experience at the Tonsai Restaurant which lends its embodiment to the middle class dining regime, with a nicely decorated environment that isn’t too eccentric or “LAS VEGAS-like”. It’s a fair bit away from all the razzmatazz of the night life and clubbing scene, so it’s a great place for the whole family to enjoy – if the budget you’re working with is fairly beefed up, as it doesn’t come too cheap.


The uniqueness of Tonsai lies in the way in which they present their food courses and you could easily tell that you’re in the Tonsai Restaurant if you were blindfolded and dropped into the venue, with a series of dishes served to you. There is a unique sort of taste that is synonymous with Tonsai, no matter what the dish is and although it boggles the mind a bit as to how they managed to achieve this, it’s a great personal touch to set Tonsai apart from all the other restaurants that specialize in local cuisine.


The cocktails are quite magical as well, making it a great option for a quiet afternoon or early evening out to just sit down and have a drink, in a relaxed environment that offers some refuge from the wilder locations on the island.

published: 16.07.2012