I Buoni a Nulla Restaurant

VJ Plaza, Baan Chai Chet Village, Koh Chang

+66 835413266

I Buoni a Nulla Restaurant

I Buoni a Nulla Restaurant

With a direct translation amounting to the tune of “good for nothing”, I Buoni a Nulla is definitely not good for nothing. What you can expect to find, at I Buoni a Nulla, is pretty much everything that constitutes premium dining.

Style, panache, extravagance and that old style Italian opulence are nothing short of being over the top, and as soon as you walk into the restaurant, you get the feeling that you’re somebody of extreme importance. Prepare for the kind of dining fit for royalty and you can take your pick from a plethora of specialist dishes, prepared with the kind of special touch that will make you wish you hadn’t eaten anything the entire day.


The dishes are more than just garnished presentations, that are easy on the eye, and if you don’t come in with an appetite bigger than what you would consider average, then you will simply have to make a return trip in the future, to make up for all the pleasantries your taste buds could have handled in a single night.


If you know your Italian food, and you’re up for a real treat, then this will be a little dining heaven on earth for you, offering the distinct possibility of you wanting to try out some fine Italian cuisine you’d never dreamed of, and you could be forgiven for thinking that your tour guide made a mistake, accounting for you landing up right in the heart of an Italian city.


Delectable dishes of the highest quality are becoming somewhat of a norm around Koh Chang, particularly those of an Italian influence, but what sets I Buoni a Nulla apart from all the other restaurants, which also serve Italian cuisines, is the mere tastiness of the food. You can literally taste every ingredient as if it were a farm fresh kill of a few hours ago, making for some seriously tasteful dining, in both the literal and figurative sense.

published: 25.06.2012