Emperor of India Restaurant, Alternative Dining: Indian Cuisine

With the Koh Chang restaurant market rather dominated by restaurants of European influence, your local knowledge of the geography might have to be a cut above average, if you are to successfully seek out dining alternatives, such as Emperor of India, which specializes in Asian cuisine, particularly Indian cuisine as the name suggests.


It is often said that an establishment is measured by the way in which it treats its locals, and the way in which Emperor of India treats its locals, says a lot about their humility, in that they serve the locals with the same poise as they do international guests, as attested to by the astounding number of Koh Chang local residents that drop in for some authentically spicy Indian culinary treats.


Run by Indian owners, in the form a husband and wife team, that distinctively inviting oriental feel is maintained throughout the restaurant, and you can’t help but feel like they have been waiting for you all their lives, to come and grace them with your presence, and dine like royalty, coming away with a heavenly piece of India, albeit located in the heart of Thailand’s most vibrant tourist area.


As far as the actual food goes, nothing short of spicy, is what you can expect, with a serious emphasis on herbs, spices and sauces – the true Indian way. Some serious effort goes into the preparation of the food, and you can taste it in the food itself, inducing the sense that everything was done extensively, in the proper manner in which it was supposed to be done.


For the more critically eyed décor scouts however, the interior décor may not rank at the very top of the range, which is considerably made up for by the quality of the food. If the item of food you are eating tastes like it naturally came with the sauce or curry it was marinated in, then who gives a toss about what the venue lacks in terms of looks?


published: 27.06.2012