Mochaccino, Austrian Coffeehouse: Traditional European Coffee House

Visit a traditional European coffee house for a change

Visit a traditional European coffee house for a change

Traditional European Coffee House


With a deeper exploration of the Kai Bae area of Koh Chang, coupled with a serious attempt to go beyond all the Italian restaurants, you may be pleased to know of some great hangout spots during times when the weather isn’t all too beach trotting friendly and the heavens open up a bit for a refreshing downpour.


For the most part, tropical rain in Koh Chang, is refreshing more than anything else, but the close proximity of the vastness of the ocean may account for a bit of a bitingly chilly period, and that is quite fittingly when places like Mochaccion Coffeehouse suddenly stick out and ooze all the appeal that may have been overlooking them.


A typically quaint appearance extends an extremely inviting welcome to the Mochaccino Austrian Coffeehouse, and as far as the setting goes, you may momentarily find yourself lost in the temporary thought that you’re no longer on Koh Chang beach.


In fact, the only indication that you are still in Koh Chang, might come if you occasionally glance out the window, into the distant environment, otherwise everything else suggests that the Coffeehouse fell right out of Austria, as is, and landed squarely in Koh Chang.


The joint is owned and run by a very comfortable looking Dutch expat, and as far as traditional European coffee houses go, this is yet another one of those, bar from the fact that it is in actual fact located in Thailand.


Everything reeks of a traditional European coffeehouse, with various brews of fresh coffee that’ll keep you up all night, if not luring you in with their aromatic smell of strong roast coffee beans.


And what would a European coffee house be without access to the internet? Yes, you bet your holiday loving behind there is internet access at the Austrian type Mochaccino Coffeehouse.

published: 27.06.2012