Sea Breeze Riverside Restaurant, Seaside Dining Heaven

Sea Breeze Riverside Restaurant

Sea Breeze Riverside Restaurant

Rather fittingly named, Sea Breeze is one of those restaurants where there is absolutely no shortage of authenticity, and one gets to really experience the fishing lifestyle on a first hand basis.


Thai humility, albeit displayed by the owner named Nick, together with his staff, is what you can expect in abundance here. Sincerity is the order of the day, and it doesn’t get more sincere than being afforded the luxury of a courtesy service, where some local transport is arranged for you, should you be lodging at a nearby location that is a bit too far to take a walk from.


As if to further consolidate on the sincerity, streaming out of the Sea Breeze Riverside Restaurant, if you play your cards right and show a real interest, you can tag along for the ride of your life, whereby your order is caught live (you could even try your hand at fishing yourself if you really want to get involved), brought back and cooked right in front of your eyes, in an open kitchen setting, so you can be sure to get your meal exactly the way you prefer it.


The growing popularity of this place is somewhat bittersweet, in that a lot of the people whom have had the pleasure of experiencing its raw hospitality, find themselves caught in two minds, as to weather to share it or keep it to themselves and not risk it getting crowded.


There is plenty of hospitality to go around though, so there should be no hesitation in planning your next meal around the Sea Breeze Riverside Restaurant, where you will be sure to have a uniquely fresh experience, with the freshest sea food you will ever find anywhere, complemented by a great view of the natural wonders of the water world.

published: 27.06.2012