Kaibae Marina Restaurant, Satisfy Your Culinary Curiosity With Some Great German Dishes

Kaibae Marina Restaurant

Kaibae Marina Restaurant

Every fine restaurant that just has that X-factor has some sort of defining feature which sets it apart from the rest. There is a very fine between an average dining experience, at any restaurant, and a dining experience which leaves you wondering just exactly what it is that gives that place that X-factor.


In the case of Kaibae Marina, that elusive X-factor will something you’ll literally break your head open over, trying to figure it out, with various clues littered across all the German dishes offered in traditional style.


Sizeable portions which are delicious and extremely well prepared might go quite some way in helping you figure out what makes this place stand out from the rest, but it Schnitzel dishes and spareribs, as well prepared as they are, give no indication of the fact that the resident chef is actually believed to be a real Vienna chef, making for an owner who probably won’t compromise on quality, in the slightest bit.


The Germans are widely known for their practicality, if not efficiency, and not all too well known for their extravagance. In this case however, all of these elements come together beautifully, accounting for some of the best dining experiences you are ever to have, if good food is your cup of tea – good food which is prepared very well, topped off by some great pricing.


You might have yourself wondering just what it is about German restaurants in Koh Chang, given the fact that they seem to be following the same trend – that being how cheap they are. Cheap is a rather demeaning word – inexpensive or reasonable would be better ways to describe the price of the food, taking absolutely nothing away from the quality.


So, the main lesson out of visiting Kaibae Marina, is that if you are looking for some real value for your money, getting great portions of quality food at prices you might find hard to believe, go German.

published: 02.07.2012