Nature Beach Restaurant, Biggest Variety of Dishes

Nature Beach

Nature Beach

A lot of restaurants in Koh Chang’s Lonely Beach are known for their specialist dishes and are particularly really good at serving one meal, like breakfast, lunch or dinner, some of which are drinks specialists.


In one of the rarer cases, Nature Beach Restaurant is one of those restaurants where you can go for any meal and leave with a considerable amount of satisfaction, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Nature Beach Restaurant can be compared to a hypermarket which stocks its ingredients from a source they own themselves, simply because of the wide variety of dishes they offer.


You can have a French style breakfast, which simply entails some coffee and muffins, or you can go all out and enjoy a full English breakfast – whatever floats your boat, you will definitely be extensively spoilt for choice.


Such an extensive menu would naturally leave you with questions of freshness, but this is the very reason this is one of the best real food spots in Koh Chang – they seem to really know their stuff.


Above all else, the pricing is very reasonable, borderline bargain in fact, and this is what makes the simply named Nature Beach Restaurant a great place for those who are dining by themselves, the couples and even the entire family.


You can go in just to have a meal at the restaurant, even if you’re not booked into their lodgings, but a combination of both has some added specials on savings, on top of the already extremely affordable prices they have for probably the widest selection of culinary delights, but practicality is more of an accurate way to describe the food.


To further add to the accolades of Nature Beach, as if any more could be added, it is rather surprising how much of a choice of specialized, exotic dishes are also available, as one would naturally expect that element of dining to be curbed by more of a focus on practicality, but there are some really fancy dishes for the discerning diners as well.

published: 02.07.2012