We Bar & Restaurant, Best Cocktail Experience In Koh Chang

We Bar & Restaurant

We Bar & Restaurant

Putting your feelers out and asking some of the locals, and tourists by the way, what the best cocktail place in Koh Chang is, a lot of the time you will be pointed in the direction of the We Bar, which doubles up as a restaurant as well.


Anybody who points you in a different direction probably hasn’t had the pleasure of the We Bar experience, particularly because the food aspect of it may appear to be somewhat under developed, but if you actually take the time to look at the menu and try out one or two dishes, a whole different picture of their cuisine will become all that much more clear.


It comes as something of a surprise that a lot of people come to the We Bar for the drinks, more than anything else, with the food service side of things not seeming to be common knowledge. A lot of people come for the relaxed environment which reeks of a serious chill out bar type of setup, with music considerably catered for as there is probably not a single club banger they don’t have on their deck, but it must be reiterated that the hidden pleasure of their culinary offerings are something to be explored.


One can really tell that the resident chef has had some real culinary education, in addition to their apparent talent and flair for international dishes, and one can really enjoy some food that has a serious professional touch to its preparation, including the likes of Scandinavian meatballs and the like.


Go to the We Bar & Restaurant if you are ready for a hangout session that will rejuvenate your stay at Koh Chang, making it one of the better spots in Lonely Beach, with very comfortable seating and some additional entertainment, like pool tables.

published: 02.07.2012