Baan Kai Bae Seafood, The Be All & End All of Seafood

Baan Kai Bae Seafood

Baan Kai Bae Seafood

With Thai food as their culinary specialty, the be all and end all of sea food is what you can expect at the Baan Kai Bae Seafood Restaurant, as the name so aptly suggests with a whole new meaning to the term “specialized dishes” coming to light.


The Baan Kai Bae Seafood Restaurant could be best described as having rugged good looks, if it were a boy, as it reeks nothing of some of the finest five-star dining settings the world and the island have to offer, but the agrestic atmosphere lends a kind of mystic allure which would prove very hard to emulate.


This venue comes highly recommended by those who have actually taken the liberty to sit down and order some of the seafood dishes offered, which state a very strong case for the type of diversity the surrounding seas of Koh Chang have to offer, by way of taste bud entertainment.


Dishes are traditionally well cooked, justifying the somewhat prolonged waiting times between the actual order and the arrival of the dish, but there are plenty of starters and teasers to tantalize the taste buds with and one gets the sense that all their offerings, from the starters to the desert, are very well thought out. The taste experiences seem to flow into each other, with the starters paving the way for the main course, which ultimately leads up to what seems like an emphatic conclusion to a refreshing journey, in the form of their dessert offerings.


In fact, one could go as far as dubbing this little haven one of the best places on the island of Koh Chang, to sit and have an authentic Thai dining experience, with the inviting menu and generous prices going a long way to make the most economic of diners feel welcome.

published: 15.07.2012