Fantasia restaurant, Italian Dining in Koh Chang Never Got Better

Fantasia restaurant

Fantasia restaurant

This is the spot to be at when you want to take a detour from the local cuisine, going with more of an Italian motivation behind your culinary appetite.


Fantasia is one of the many Italian restaurants in the Koh Chang island of Thailand, but by no means is it a mere carbon copy of the chain of commercial restaurants of its kind.


The dining area is very small, with less than five tables in total, but given the remote location of the venue, nobody ever needs to worry about it being crowded out.


The traditional Italian dishes reek of nothing short of pure quality and authenticity and the remoteness of the restaurant is probably the only factor making up for it not being one of the venues that get packed to the rafters, as it certainly isn’t because of the food.


The food is great, from pizza dishes to pasta and spaghetti, enjoyed in a cosy setting for those who want to eat in. Otherwise, the takeaway service is a very popular contributing factor to the reason why there are only four tables in house.


The restaurant may be small but it is very well designed and complements the in-house diner, who seeks to get away from all the feverishness of some of the more frequented joints in Koh Chang, but the DNA strip which runs through Fantasia, giving it is unique defining factor, is the sheer quality of their food.


The focus is very narrow so there is plenty of refinement and specialization that goes into their dishes, but by no means is it frail and limited. The true Italian cuisine diner will not be disappointed in the least bit at Fantasia, and the trip to the remote location is well worth the effort of anyone seeking to experience an authentic piece of Italian cuisine, all the way in Thailand’s Koh Chang Island.

published: 15.07.2012