Hippo Café, Thai Cuisine Like You’ve Never Experienced it Before

Hippo Café

Hippo Café

If you had a narrow idea of what Thai cuisine was all about, the Hippo Café is sure to instill some changes to that notion, dismissing it as a mere fallacy, or otherwise their culinary cuisine really stretches beyond simple Thai.


It’s always nice for a product or service to genuinely offer a value added service, doing nothing to make the guest feel like they are simply another stack of money and this is one of the defining factors that set the Hippo Café apart from some of its nearest competitors.


This is one of the local Thai restaurants where you can expect to get real value for your money, with generous portions of dishes that span the entire culinary spectrum, from your very basic starters to your extensively prepared main courses, topped off with some great desert and drinks.


As much as singles and couples will enjoy dining at the Hippo Café, for the food as well as the atmosphere, it is quite a pragmatic place to bring the entire family and have a wholesome, fun-filled family time together and take in the serenity of the relaxed atmosphere.


The very affordable prices cannot be stressed enough, so much so that even the locals love to come and have a bite or two to eat here, which bodes well for the possible experience of the tourists.


You really are spoilt for choice at the Hippo Café and it would actually take more than even a couple of visits to have the full experience of the indigenous pleasantries offered by the Hippo Café, leaving nothing to be desired at all.


One of their prides is their bananashake, which is essentially a banana milk shake unlike any other, strangely tasting something like banana juice, if such a thing ever existed and this is just an extension of how exotically elaborate the taste of all their food is.


Your taste buds will definitely not go disappointed and neither will your stomach, no matter how empty it may be.

published: 15.07.2012