KB Resort Restaurant, Prime Location For True Holiday Dining

KB Resort Restaurant

KB Resort Restaurant

In somewhat of a refreshing manner, the KB Resort Restaurant offers a true holiday dining experience, with a prime location that has the dining area ideally located right under some of the place’s palm trees.


Apart from the mere location of the KB Resort Restaurant what will make you really feel like you’re on holiday is the laid-back manner in which the staff members carry themselves. You get the distinct sense that there is absolutely no rush whatsoever, with orders taking quite some time to make their way out of the kitchen and onto your table and the rich aromas emanating from the kitchen doing their very best to work up your appetite further.


You get a true holiday experience here and a combination of this true holiday allure, with the delectable range of seafood dishes offered, makes this a rather popular place towards the end of each month, particularly during the dinner hours of each day, so you might want to make reservations during the busier times, or get there early to experience the added bonus of catching the breathtaking sunset views while you’re at it.


Although the growing popularity of the KB Resort Restaurant attracts some sizeable crowds, during peak season and peak hours, there are times when guests can experience the place when it is just coming out of its sleep, with a very relaxed, quiet atmosphere that is playfully harassed by the rather pleasant sea breeze, making for probably the most pleasant location in Kae Bae – a nice change from the densely populated, other side of the island.


The right balance seems to have been perfected by the management, with just the right amounts of everything coming together, including the setting, music and food, to make for a picture perfect, typical tropical island style dining experience that will be very hard to rival.

published: 15.07.2012