The Chill Restaurant, relaxation Personified

The Chill Restaurant

The Chill Restaurant

As if in a bid to stay competitive and in trend with the other developments of the Koh Chang Island, the Chill Restaurant is actually an extension of the Chill Resort.


While the resort itself is of a really high standard, the restaurant seems to be on its way there, although playing catch-up a bit and you can sort of tell that it was integrated as sort of an afterthought.


Not at all doom and gloom however, as the food offerings seem to have caught on quite well, with British cuisine as the listed offering, but an extensive menu reveals underlying cuisines that cannot be traced back to any one culture or location.


The dishes are rather delicious and how well they are prepared really depends on the type of dish you order.


Even if you are staying at the Chill Resort, eating in at the Chill Restaurant can be somewhat of a steep exercise for your pocket and daily dining here isn’t for the budget traveller, but it makes for great dining once in a while.


As if in a bit to live up to its name, of which the colloquial meaning for the word “chill” means to relax, there isn’t any fair amount of urgency about the service of the staff and it seems as if the atmosphere is intentionally inclined towards a relaxed and serene one, true to the holiday nature of the resort and restaurant.


The Chill Restaurant intrinsically understands what the holiday maker desires in their dining experiences and they have their fingers on the pulse as to the dynamically evolving requirements of the guests, constantly evolving their services to suit the needs of the masses which make their way through the doors of this homely restaurant.


Even the budget traveller should at least eat in once or twice, just for the experience.

published: 16.07.2012