Buddha View Restaurant: Exquisite Dining With Stunning Views

Buddha View Restaurant

Buddha View Restaurant

In a rather wicked spin of irony, the Buddha View Restaurant is one of only a few restaurants which specialize in local Thai cuisine. What is even more ironic though is the fact that it is quite expensive, if you’re a Thai local, with more of the international tourist market as the target group.


You may require some prior knowledge, as to the whereabouts of the Buddha View though, since it isn’t all that easy to pick out and the transport system to and from the location could be better, but it doesn’t leave all that much to be desired if you have patience as one of your virtues, or if you’re not lodging outside the range of walking distance.


Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of your possible dine at the Buddha View, is indeed the view, as the name suggests. You won’t really be surrounded by an endless canvass of the surface of the ocean, but you will get to see Koh Chang from a very unique vantage point – almost as if from an aerial shot.


The dining atmosphere is complemented by the beautifully decorated interior, which looks rather expensively assembled, making for the type of classy dining experience that leaves you satisfied for a very long time to come.


If you’re an occupant of one of the few guest rooms they have (about eight in total), and you feel the urge to share some photos of your vacation via the use of social networks and the like, then you’ll be pleased to find that the rooms have internet access, which you can access via Wi-Fi.


It’s hard to imagine you would want go online for any sort of business or work purposes though, since there is just so much “holiday-making” to do, in and around Bang Bao, with one of the activities possibly entailing a drink down at the Buddha View Restaurant, contrary to what the name may suggest concerning alcohol.

published: 27.06.2012