Baracuda Koh Chang, Dining In A Family Type Setting

Baracuda Koh Chang

Baracuda Koh Chang

With somewhat of a concealed location, Baracuda is somewhat of a Koh Chang Restaurant waiting to be discovered and, once you are lucky enough to locate it, your local dining on the island of Koh Chang will be taken care of.


This is definitely not the place to come if you’re looking for some fast food – you come here for an intimate, cosy family oriented dining experience, with the owners presenting a united family front, the father and daughter out and about, serving the guests and mingling with them and the mother cooking away in the kitchen to produce dishes that have that special ingredient called love.


You simply don’t get more personal than the Baracuda Koh Chang Restaurant with a lot of little extras offered that’ll add to the authenticity of your overall Thailand experience.


While the menu makes for some of the widest variety of Thai cuisine, prepared the traditional way with a special touch that reeks of family recipe secrets, the Baracuda dining experience goes beyond the simple arrangement of ordering food and waiting for it to get ready. A lot of culture goes into the entire process with the owner’s personal touch spewed all over the show.


Fancy some locally produced art with your dish? Well, the owner is quite an avid artist, with an extensive collection of some of his best works lining the walls of the restaurant, giving it a unique look, but you can also buy one or two for yourself, if any of the pieces speak to you.


As if in a bid to consolidate his personal touch, the owner actually goes out and catches the produce himself which is a good indication of someone who strongly believes in the saying “If you want something done properly, do it yourself”.


Disappointment is not on the menu at Baracuda Koh Chang Restaurant and this is backed up by the tight family clique that runs the place to perfection.

published: 15.07.2012