Chow Lay Seafood: Upper End Koh Chang Seafood Dining

Chow Lay Seafood

Chow Lay Seafood

As far as the general standard goes, with reference to the local restaurants in Koh Chang, that serve Thai seafood dishes, this is a bit more expensive than what you’d normally get.


For those not in the know, the initial pricing of the dishes available on their menu may raise a few questions, considering the sea is right there, but once the food has been prepared by the chef, all questions are answered and the price is considerably justified.


Their menu seems to have been expanded though, which is a good thing because of the way in which their dishes are prepared, adding their own special touch to each dish, to give it a unique taste that you can trace back to Chow Lay, anywhere you’d go.


What really stands out about Chow Lay, as it really is otherwise just another variation of similar types of local seafood restaurants, is their ability to turn ordinary seafood dishes into culinary experiences that take your taste buds for a real ride. A simple crab dish takes the form of an exotic curry-style crab platter, sure to ascertain a different outlook on the previously tagged limitations of dishes like crab.


As with all other dining spots in Koh Chang, particularly in the Pier complex where Chow Lay is located, eating in is about the experience as a whole, instead of just the food itself. In the case of Chow Lay, a little bit of a different experience is offered. Instead of the usual sunset beach setting, you get to watch the fishermen trawlers coming and going with the calm mini-tide of the sea mouth, while enjoying some of the best seafood dishes this side of the island.


That serene ambience of the splendors of a sunset beach is not very far off though, and simply turning your head away from the constant flow of the trawlers will more than cater for that experience, but the timing of your dining is key to catching the “golden moment”.

published: 15.07.2012