Tantra Restaurant, enjoy a mixture of French and Thai cuisines

Tantra Restaurant

Tantra Restaurant

One of the most outstanding factors of most of the Koh Chang restaurants is the fact that they have managed to fuse local cuisine with a choice of European influence. This is particularly so because of the fact that most of these local restaurants are run by foreign nationals who have made Thailand their home away from home.


This culture, of merging the local Thai culture with some European opulence, accounts for some of the greatest holiday making structures any tourist could ever dream of, and in the case of the Tantra Restaurant, a classic marriage between France and Thailand is proving to be one which will have many decades of anniversaries, should the culture continue.


Romantics eat your hearts out! Your partner will love you for a very long time to come if you make your way down to the hypnotic setting of the Tantra, and if it’s an impression you want to make, there is probably no better way to do it.


With a terrace that is partially suspended over the ocean water, you might find yourself (with your partner) lost in the sheer beauty of the sunset, with its hypnotic allurement that may account for your food getting cold.


For those with a bit more of a babied palate, a special request will be very well received by the French chef, so there really isn’t any reason why your dinner at the Tantra should be less than completely perfect.


As far as the actual menu goes, which is a mixture of Thai and French food, the ideal description befitting your choice would be short and power packed. There isn’t a dragged out extension of a range of foods to fill a supermarket, but the phrase “quality over quantity” rings truest, and any shortage you might feel needs filling, is considerably catered for by the option of extending a special request to the chef.

published: 25.06.2012