Best Rods for Saltwater Fishing

Fishing in Koh Chang

Fishing in Koh Chang

Causal fishing is fun and it can turn into a serious hobby for those who are bitten by the fishing bug and want to turn it into something they do on a regular basis or even do it for a living.


The natural progression, of the lifecycle of a fisherman, starts as a tag-along hobby that lights a spark of desire and passion, often turning the attention of the fisher to the bigger waters of the ocean, which makes for a transition from fresh water fishing to salt water fishing.


Fresh water fishing is generally very straight forward, although it does require a fair amount of skill to be developed, with fresh water fishing equipment generally proving to be less expensive than saltwater fishing equipment.


A number of reasons exist for this, one of which is the fact that it is generally harder to attain a fair level of success, fishing in the ocean as compared to fishing in a dam or river.


So, the best equipment has to be used and the best rods for saltwater fishing are those which are longer, in the size of the line as well as the rod, but mostly the line since the length of the rod is generally selected on the merit of control, comfort and usability, which is essentially down to the individual fisherman.


The rod has to be strong enough to support the line though as the line is what can go very deep into the ocean and hook some big catches.


Probably the most important feature is the spinning reel though, as this has to be mounted so well, on the rod, that it must feel as if it is part of the rod. The location should be in a comfortable position for one-handed handling, as the need for such a situation may arise at any time, during saltwater fishing trips.


Lastly, the paintwork or covering of the rod must be resistant to the corrosive nature of the salty water which is characteristic of the ocean.

published: 22.10.2012