The Koh Chang Animal Project

The Koh Chang Animal Project

The Koh Chang Animal Project

Despite the best efforts of humans, to preserve the natural habitat of the animals they attempt to co-exist with, human nature is such that expansion is a natural process, with increasing power in technological advancements, which unfortunately means the animals will have to suffer, in some way or another.


Often, wild and domestic animals, affected by their interactions with the artificial human environment, get to a stage where they are in serious need of some medical care, which is specialized and can get a bit expensive, particularly in a progressive tourist destination such as Koh Chang, where there are a lot of wild animals as well as pets in distress.


The Koh Chang Animal Project, which is in the process of registering as a foundation, was founded to fill the need for a local animal care service, with one of the main focuses being on the education of the locals, particularly with regards to how they can take better care of the animals they have and also on the fact that they can now bring in their animals for some professional medial care, if such a need arises.


More importantly though, the offering of medical care services is one of the focus areas of the project, through a setup where the medical care is free, while the owners only have to pay for the materials used, since the project is funded by private donations.


The project naturally needs as much help as it can possibly get, with any donations from anyone concerned welcome, so that they can continue to offer services such as the control of parasitic infestations, wound treatment, general animal health care, sterilization and critical and emergency care.


The Koh Chang Animal Project is one of the many innovations which make the island, and the whole of Thailand, one of the most progressive places that co-exist with the animals that add to the nature of the environment.


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published: 01.11.2012