Outdoor Diving and Safety

Diving in Koh Chang National Park

Diving in Koh Chang National Park

Like with any other outdoor activity, whenever one takes up the hobby of diving, they have to exercise a fair amount of caution and apply some safety measures to prevent any possible dangers.


There is no doubt about it, diving can be very fun, even for those who don't plan on taking it to a competitive level.


Outdoor diving particularly, can be even more fun, usually taken up by those who seek to up the thrill stakes a bit and those who don't always have access to professional diving facilities, such as those used by the competitive divers.


With increased thrill comes increased danger though, so outdoor diving is naturally far more dangerous than indoor diving so, some precautions must be exercised before any such excursion is taken on.


The Outdoor Diving Site Checklist


Before you embark on the hobby of outdoor diving, you need to have some experience diving indoors, where you launch off a diving board, into a deep enough swimming pool in a controlled and safe environment.


1. Never attempt to dive outdoors if you don't have any indoor diving experience and you're completely comfortable with your skill level indoors.


2. When choosing an outdoor diving site, always try to go for the diving sites that are designated for outdoor diving. There may not be a lot of these but the designated ones are usually safe.


3. Do not take any chances. Always inspect diving sites yourself, by first taking a swim to test the depth of the water and make sure there are no obstacles that could seriously injure you.

Even if the diving site you have chosen is one which is designated, always conduct your own safety check by swimming in it first to test the depth and check for any obstacles.


4. Always keep emergency numbers around and never dive all by yourself. At the least, have someone to look over you, so that any emergency action can be taken, should the need arise.

published: 10.11.2012