Traditional Thai Cooking Styles

Traditional Thai Cooking Styles, Koh Chang

Traditional Thai Cooking Styles, Koh Chang

Every geographic region, especially one which is as cultured as Thailand is, has its very own culinary style and, in the case of Thailand, Thai cuisine has a significant place in history, popular culture and tourist influences.


Naturally, Thai cuisine would be a branch of one of many South East Asian cooking traditions, but its heavy influence of seafood gives it its own, unique identity, aggravated by the fishing culture of the various Thai locals and the location of the place, together with its surrounding islands, along very rich coastlines of exotic sea creatures.


Thai cooking may have a heavy fish and seafood influence, but it pretty much caters for all culinary tastes, including those who are not so inclined to going beyond fish, as a seafood diet.


In a bit of a different approach to the European's approach to food, Thai cooking is more focused on the preparation of the food, as an occasion, with the enjoyment thereof consisting out of the actual taste of the food as well as the look of the presentation.


Variety is the order of the day, with dull, two-toned dishes very rare, unless specially requested.


The dishes are traditionally light in preparation, with special attention given to the strength of the taste, reinforced with an assortment of seasoning, in the form of sauces and spices.


The seasoning isn't just there to add variety to the dishes though, since one gets the sense that herbs and spices are specially selected to bring out the natural taste of the food prepared, especially when prepared by a Thai chef who knows exactly what he or she is doing.


Traditional ways of serving Thai dishes are those which offer a lot of variety, more so in the choice of seasoning, since some of the spices can get really strong for some people.


A true Thai cooking experience would probably be attained if one is invited to a Thai dinner, where they don't actually really have to pay, like in a restaurant, as this allows the authenticity of the generosity to come into play, offering much more diversity in the various preparation styles, enjoyed in generous portions.

published: 16.11.2012