Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking

As part of the many things to do, on Thailand's Koh Chang Island, elephant trekking should be high up on the priorities list.


Of the many attractions Koh Chang has, drawing tourists from all over the world, to get a truly authentic experience of the prehistoric way of life, lived by the villagers, a visit to the local elephant camp is a must, from where a trek through the jungle, lasting no less than two hours, departs to explore the beauty of the surroundings, on elephant back.


Naturally, the guided tour is conducted by some highly trained and highly skilled elephant handlers, for whom this is way of life is an everyday thing, and they are very likely to be very happy to impart some knowledge to you, giving you real value for your little money, in that you get to enjoy the majestic views as well as learn a thing or two about the history of the area, the way of life of the locals and most importantly, you get to learn about the nature of the big, beautiful elephants.


What better way to learn about the nature of elephants than to enjoy a fun ride on their backs, in a guided tour of their natural surroundings?


Be prepared to get a bit dirty though and you should pack an extra set of clean clothes, with the ones you are going to take the ride in a set you don't mind getting dirty, since you might find yourself drenched in some muddy water, especially if you are to experience the complete playful nature of the elephants, as you approach some water puddles.


Baan Klong Prao is one of Koh Chang's prime destinations for really exploring the traditional tourist routes and really getting involved, as opposed to the normal things tourists do, like laying around on the beach all day, which isn't a bad way to spend the day anyway.

published: 19.11.2012