Many Newly-weds' First Choice Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon at Koh Chang

Honeymoon at Koh Chang

An exotic island getaway is probably one of the leading considerations for honeymoon makers, especially one which offers a bit of exclusivity and that feeling of being away from it all, experiencing a different way of life and having the space to spend some quality time alone.


This is what makes Thailand one of the leading destinations for honeymooners, especially since it has a lot of surrounding little islands, like the Koh Chang Island, which make for the perfect honeymoon destination.


Koh Chang, in particular, can be the ultimate honeymoon destination, with a number of reclusive lodges to choose from, some of which are especially designated for honeymooners, with the service to go with the honeymoon getaway.


It probably does not get more romantic than Koh Chang, with a very quiet, romantic beach setting, known as White Sand Beach, especially the further along the coast couples decide to walk.


Apart from the collection of quiet restaurants, to choose from and dine in, a beautiful sunset like no other can add volumes to the romance, complemented by the presence of a few other couples, who are also on couples' retreats, as it can be nice to be surrounded by other couples who are in love too.


The romantic setting looks like a scene out of a romantic film, and couples generally tend to enjoy long, slow walks on the beach, with the sea breeze checking in on their love and a majestic sunset view to reinforce the romance. A lot of privacy is enjoyed as these are some of the quieter parts of the island, with the partying gang generally hanging out in the more crowded areas.


After a long, romantic walk on the beach, honeymooners love to retreat to their private quarters and spend a nice evening together, with varying degrees of room service available, for those couples who don't mind a bit of a disturbance

published: 22.11.2012