Even Paradise Had a Snake in it

Mogli Snake Farm & Show

Mogli Snake Farm & Show

Garden of Eden, has few slithery creatures which are the subject of interest at the Mogli Snake Farm. Daily snake shows are great for the whole family">


It is no secret that snakes are some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood creates roaming the face of this planet, often made the subject of much persecution and negative targeting.


Based on religious references and the general way in which snakes go about their business, the way they move and the deadly venom some of them have, it is in a way understandable why such as stigma surrounds snakes.


Snakes can definitely be a nuisance and probably strike fear through any region where they may be found, with Koh Chang being no different in that regard.


Koh Chang's Mogli Snake Farm & Show come into play as the much-needed big brother, in that regard, as one of the services they offer is removing snakes from domestic locations on the island where they cause a threat to the community.


This is how the snake farm keeps its snake numbers high, allowing them to make use of that as an opportunity for entertainment as well as environmental preservation.


Snakes are an important part of any ecosystem, especially if they are indigenous to that particular area so, Mogli Snake Farm & Show offers the perfect opportunity for tourists to indulge their curiosity and learn a bit more about the slithery creatures they fear so much.


It's always nice to jeer at your fears form a distance and that is exactly what you can do with a visit to the Mogli Snake Farm & Show, if you find yourself in the Klongson Village of Koh Chang.


Two snake shows go on each day and you also get a great opportunity to learn some interesting facts about snakes, with the local tour guides filling that need.


Word of plans to expand the Mogli Snake Farm to include other reptiles has been doing the rounds, but for now, it still makes for one of the better ways for the entire family to enjoy a nice day out in Koh Chang

published: 15.12.2012