Local Thai Massage with the Aim to Please

Vie Massage, Koh Chang

Vie Massage, Koh Chang

A visit to Thailand's Koh Chang Island, especially if a seriously relaxing holiday is what you're after, can never be complete without indulging in some of the local relaxation itinerary on offer, since tourists naturally want to really feel like they are relaxed while on holiday.


Total relaxation goes way beyond just staying in and not going to work -- it includes totally relaxing the mind and every single last muscle and bone in the body.


Koh Chang offers one of the best ways through which to do this, with their range of yoga, meditation and massage offerings. Even the mere act of lazily laying on the beach and taking in the majestic scenery counts towards relaxing the body, especially in that the mind is freed of all the stressful thoughts of the real world.


Of all the relaxation techniques offered in Koh Chang though, probably the ultimate one is a local Thai massage.


A Thai massage is definitely unlike any other regular massage, with the focus mainly placed on vigorous stimulation of the muscles to get the blood flowing and facilitate the resetting of the natural processes of the body.


With particular reference to the Vie Massage parlor, visitors to this hidden treasure of a place often come away with the sentiment that this is the best massage in Koh Chang, since the setting isn't quite as extravagant as some of the other massage parlors and the quality is actually found solely in the massage itself.


The in-house staff -- massage girls, really know exactly what they are doing, maintaining the old tradition of a genuine Thai Massage, which will have you feeling like you really did have a proper massage.


You may have to be content with some unusual massage practices though and you may discover that your body could bend into some shapes you never thought possible, but you will definitely come away feeling much, much better, more relaxed and totally refreshed.

published: 22.12.2012