Why Not Relax With A Book In Hand?

Book shop, Koh Chang

Book shop, Koh Chang

People all over the world like to read. Some have a lot of problems and they do not have the time or the opportunity of finding the books that they want and also they do not afford to buy something good. That is the case usually for the poor countries that are found in Asia or in Africa. The fact is that these countries do not take so seriously the culture. They have their own culture that is true, but they do not think about what happens in the other parts of the world. They cannot afford to do that.


These are the countries that usually are seen like the Third World Countries. They are poor and people there are mostly illiterate. That is why most of them haven’t had the opportunity of learning how to read. But there are some organizations or some associations that are ready to do something about that. In Thailand for example there are websites where people that have a connection to the internet can find second hand books. Usually these books have very low prices so that everyone can afford them. They are encouraged to buy them because they are encouraged to find culture themselves.


The BooksThailand is a shop where people who stay in Koh Chang can actually come and buy second hand books or even just go and look for what they are interested in. they can browse through the collection and they can stay at the café while they are doing that. This place is actually found next to the Office Post at Pearl Beach. The tourists that visit the island are actually encouraged to go there and see for themselves as well. They can even rent an apartment that is found at the next level above this cafe shop and they will have a great time there. 

published: 28.02.2013