Why Not Visit A Secluded Place?

Koh Chang Mangrove Forest

Koh Chang Mangrove Forest

When tourists go to visit Thailand they are always looking for the most special places that they can see. Thailand is a very beautiful country but it can hold hidden some places that are very beautiful and exotic and that are like paradise. These places are actually natural and they can bring a lot of joy to the tourists when they discover them. Koh Kood Island is one of the hidden treasures of Thailand. It used to be a secluded island but the tourism has flourished a lot since the people who live there have thought about opportunities that it can bring to that place.


The Koh Chang Mangrove forest is one of the places that are worth a visit when going to Thailand. This forest contains mangrove trees and what is very interesting about it is the fact that it is like a barrier between the place where the salt water flows and the place where the fresh water is found as well. Imagine that! You can actually be imagining that you are in two places at the same time. It is a great opportunity but those who want to visit this forest need to know that they are able to get there with the kayak.


The thing is that tourists need to be very careful because the bay where this forest is found is always tide high and that is why it is best for them to time exactly when their trip. People who visit the mangrove forest will see that there live a lot of plants and animals that cannot be seen in other parts. It is like a sanctuary for them because this way they cannot be attacked or hunted by people and the plants cannot be killed by other dangers that are found in the environment. 

published: 18.01.2013