Temples of Koh Chang

Klong Prao temple

Klong Prao temple

Temple is a sign of peace, silence and satisfaction. Well, there are a lot of temples all over the world of ancient importance. A temple is derived from the Latin word "templum”. This word is associated with a place specified for some religious or spiritual kind of activities. People of different religions seem to have a hearty and internal closeness with temples. This is a place that people of various religions reserve for worshipping their lords. These templates are considered sacred, holy and pure religious places. Temples have distinct pious representative named as priest. People give the priest a lot of importance and respect as he is the one with remarkable religious knowledge. The concept of temples is present even before the ancient roman times.


Ko chang in Thailand is a land of Buddish temples including wat khlong prao, wat khlong son, wat khlong nonsi and wat khlong bao that are of prominent ancient importance. Religion is a very important and necessary element of Thai people. There is a belief according to which each person must live as a monk in a monastery for a time span of at least three months once in his/her lifetime for the contemplation of god.


Klong prao temple is a holly destination to buddhist believers who like to render homage Buddha. This is a temple of historic importance and significant ancient as well. In the main hall, there is a big Buddha statue and the hall is full of various colors. Wat bang bao is directly by the road, just beside the turn-off to baan bang bao.wat khlong prao is located in baan khlong prao, also directly off the main road.wat khlong son is approximately 500 meters from the intersection in baan khlong son, in the direction of the bay. At the top of the hill after sapparot bay towards baan khlong son you can find a Chinese temple. Wat khlong nonsi is another most beautiful and well-liked temple of koh chang.


People come here dressed up so modestly and the Thai culture can be seen at its best at these temples. The environment there is full of peace and is so touchy that a non religious person would also love visiting it several times after visiting it once. These temples are beautifully built, they are so eye catching and unique in their own way. The buildings are full of colors that make them worth watching.


The Buddish natives and the people from all over the world are welcomed here. The temple has a beautiful building in which the religious and cultural colors are clearly evident. The place is famous for its ancient values and is visited by the visitors from all over the world. Any place related to religion has some kind of peace in itself. The beliefs of people make the place worthy, sacred and holy. Similar are the mosques that Muslims use as a place of worship all over the world. Temples have immense value in many religions and this value cannot be denied. The buildings show the class of Asian architecture that is unique in its colors and making.

published: 21.01.2013